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Summer 2020 Real Estate Update

Ahhh, the last days of summer. We create some of our most enduring memories in those fleeting summer moments: one more sunset with family or friends; a little more precious time in the outdoors to ponder; just one more cast of the reel. My teenagers have become quite skilled using this vibe in their pleas to stay out a little later or have a sleepover - “come on, Dad, it’s the end of summer!” I have been thinking that this is a great mindfulness exercise in how to stay in the moment and be present, without letting the excitement or fear of the future creep into today. Okay, kids, enjoy summer while it lasts.

I struggle with a similar challenge in balancing the Eagle Point of today with the Eagle Point of tomorrow. Anyone who has taken a drive through the resort area recently found 10 buildings under construction and easily 50-60 contractors working on the mountain every day. It’s exciting to see the growth of second homes, but the increased traffic and construction noise are noticeable. After a long day of work recently, I slipped into my hot tub to relax only to be greeted by a steady stream of cars, trucks, atvs and even ebikes driving through Aspen Crest for a look. (We definitely need a gate for the Aspen Crest community.) I’m confident in my chances to find harmony for the developing area, a delicate balance between growth and serenity as the maturing of the resort continues. It is, after all, the only significant new development phase for the entire area in decades.

Allowing myself to recall that at one time, many years ago, there were moments where I wondered if anyone would ever want to take a look at Eagle Point, never mind actual curiosity about Aspen Crest...for now, I’m going to put all of those thoughts aside and enjoy the last days of summer.

My team and I have been working hard and making great progress. Below are some highlights of our achievements this summer.

  • Communications tower -- Utah 911 Service and my company, Bowman Asset Management, reached an agreement to build a 100 foot radio tower at the Skyline Lodge. The tower won’t immediately improve the cell service in the area, but it certainly creates the singular piece of infrastructure necessary to bring best in class communications to the resort in the near future as well as enhanced safety communications immediately.

  • We signed up several new internet subscribers including the Snowflake Condo Association with its 39 units. This means there will be several more lodging options with excellent high speed internet service available for guests for the upcoming winter season.

  • Eagle Point has teamed up with Bakcou to become a wholesale dealer of Bakcou’s line of backcountry eBikes. I bought 4 myself - 2 for my condo at Eagle Point and 2 for my home in Michigan. They are so much fun and I think make mountain biking more enjoyable in the Eagle Point area where there is so much vertical climb.

  • The new condos near Canyonside Lodge, which will be named the Canyonside Collection, are moving along with steel installation beginning now. We still have the aggressive target of December 2020 for completion and will use the Eagle Point marketing channels to attract guests for winter season reservations. Remember, those units are not for sale, but rather are dedicated lodging for overnight guests.

  • I’m working with my planning team on a really exciting new condo project located adjacent to the skiers’ tunnel along Highway 153. These will be for-sale, ski-in/ski-out condos - 1 bed/1 bath and 2 bed/2 bath options - with a target price range of $180,000-$360,000 which is a price point that is currently undersupplied in the area.

  • It’s always a nice break from construction project management to spend time playing around in Aspen Grace Park where I am working with artist Prescott McCarthy on the next installment - Treehouse. Aspen Grace Park is a private park in Aspen Crest with natural and man made art installations.

  • On the professional front, I passed my Utah real estate broker’s exam and my application to become a full real estate brokerage is pending. I’m really bullish on the growth of southern Utah in general so my intentions are to build out a regional sales force beyond Eagle Point starting naturally with Beaver County.

  • My family joined me for a week this summer when Eagle Point hosted the Mountain Archery Festival, now a recurring annual event, which I highly recommend for any of you bow hunters in the audience. It was so cool to hike around to see the 3D targets set throughout the resort. We also discovered the newly popular rock climbing area in the Three Creeks Reservoir. My 10 year old daughter made it to the top! I included a couple of pictures below.


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