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We understand that you have many options when choosing an agent, and naturally we hope that you will select Aspen Equity Real Estate. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your listing agent.


Honest Home Value Assessments

Distorting the truth will not sell your home faster or maximize your return. It will only lead to headaches. The real estate landscape is hyper local. There is no team that has a sharper understanding of the market than the people that live and breathe among the resort every day.  And our experience and understanding of the market allows us to be a compassionate but aggressive negotiator serving on your behalf.

Access to Buyers

Without a buyer, all you have is a nice listing. Our unique ability to market your property to the tens of thousands of visitors to Eagle Point Resort will give you unparalleled advertising access to the most willing and likely buyers. Aspen Equity Real Estate further benefits from connection to the resort websites, exposing your listing to a global market of hundreds of thousands of potential buyers.

A Go To Market Strategy

Selling a home in a mountain community is not the same as within a metro area where you have the luxury of waiting for buyers to drive by and find you in due time. Your home needs to be on the market as soon as possible to take advantage of the unique seasonality, and the visitors to the resort itself. With our turnkey AE Accelerator Program, we will prepare your home for maximum value, so that your home can be prepped, photographed, descriptions composed, listed online, signage displayed, and advertised to potential buyers within days. Pre-listing renovations and staging options are available as well.


We are connected with the community, giving us unmatched access to local agents, renovation experts, contractors, HOAs, resort guests and financial institutions.

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Shane is levelheaded, analytical and considerate of the wide number of variables affecting the buyer and the seller during the many phases of the transaction. He has a real intuition for the situation.

– Gene G.

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